Zoe Forte About ,Early Life and Music.  

Zoe Forte Hold Inspiration to legends like Biggie , 50 Cent Lil Wayne and More. 

By Brittaney Patterson  

  Zoe forte from Brooklyn, NY  has been paving the way in the music industry. Forte, born on November 19, 1993 grew up in Fort Greene projects in Downtown Brooklyn. He was musically inspired by Biggie, DMX, 50 cent, & Lil Wayne. He’s also highly inspired by artist such as pharrell, Kanye west, and jay-z for there amazing craft of Entrepenuerial skills. Forte  started his music career in 2018 as he and a group of family and friends started an independent label called Siix-Seven Records, founded by Zoe forte himself. As time has passed the group created great music together but slowly fell apart as things progressed. Luckily there was no sign of “quit” in forte’s body. When things got tuff he rose to the occasion, putting it all on the line to reach his goal and since then has took his music to the next level with his hit songs “Silly” & “Moscow”. Be sure to stay tuned to see what’s next.

Forte New Music Released 
Forte recently released his single titled Slime ( Feat. Trigger Ty, Kay Bank$ and D Slow Baby) The Single was released in 2021 on April 16th. This Single was released to global platform such as Apple Music , Amazon , Tidal , Spotify and more. His genre of profession is considered Hip Hop and R&B. 

August Chart on Veva Play 

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