Veva Play Next Big Sound 

About Us 

Veva Play Next Big Sound is a contest supporting new artist . Our goal is to provide new artists from across the U.S. with opportunities that support their musical dreams.

Web App: As of 2021, we built a digital platform for artists to submit their music to gain honest feedback from real people. We have since evolved into offering promotional, exposure, and performance opportunities for our contest winners! 

How It Works 

Veva Play Verified Members will rate from a total of 50 songs 

1.Pay Submission Fee of $50 dollars 
2. submit one of your hottest tracks
3. your track will be displayed to our live activity feed 
4. Your track will then be Rated by all of our verified Members on Veva play
5. The Track With The Most Verified rates will win Free Promotion, exposure, and be advertise on our upcoming Top Chart as next Big Sound.

Content: Veva Play  
Contest Length : Month 

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