Veva Play Award For Best New ARTIST DISCOVERED

The Veva Play Award for Best New Artist Discovered became popular in 2018. The official award is giving to the A&r or Marketing Manager who’s responsible for scouting the hottest talent.

The category is the only one of its kind. This occurred in 2019 after it was revealed winner Blazer Barboza contribute to the success of scouting American Rapper Roddy Ricch. The award was handed to Blazer Barboza for Best New Artist Discovered.

Veva Play Award for Best New Artist Discovered
Country: United States
Presented by: Veva Play
First awarded: 2018
Currently held by: Blazer Barboza (2021)

Winners are highlighted in Bold and Green.

Winners and Candidate :

Candidates Win(s)
Craig Kallman 0
Blazer Barboza 1
Keef Black 0
Sean Combs 0
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