Transition rappers are becoming very dominate through out the Music Industry. The hip-hop music time line has changed since the early 2000s. This topic covers a list of transition rappers. The actual meaning of the word ”Transition” means to change over a period of time.

In the language of music today! it means being able to switch genres of music or another name is being versatile. This means creating a total different sound from what a rappers primary genre may be. Rapper like Drake , Blazer Barboza , Kanye west, so as Kendrick Lamar all are new wave transition rappers. Further more they are the best switch rappers. I’m petty sure there are a few more these are just the select few that ring bells.

Transitional Rappers are Highlighted blue and in Bold

  1. Drake
  2. Blazer Barboza
  3. Kanye West
  4. Kendrick Lamar

Now that we have discussed the list of transition rappers. You may be curious about how to become one yourself if you are a music artist. In conclusion, I will leave a step by step guide you can follow. This will help you think outside the box when making your music.

How to become a Transition Rapper

  1. Think outside the Box

    When Creating your music, you want to be creative as possible. This means you don’t have to be entitled to one specific genre.

  2. Make Music That will spark attention

    Creating catchy music can gain you the recognition your looking for. making music that is easy for people to remember. This can help you become a transition rapper.

  3. Make Music from your Heart

    Expressing your true feelings can help you pull the fans to you. There are a lot of fans around the world who can relate to what emotion your expressing.