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Global Bloggers Package

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Get your released packaged and sent to 3 Major labels (PDF)

A record label, or record company, is a brand or trademark associated with the marketing of music recordings and music videos. Here at Veva play we offer digital marketing service to help put your content in the right hands. we offer professional PDF formats releases to be sent to the top 3 Major Labels. You will also receive a email copy of your personal pdf. *we do not act as Warner Music, Universal Records or Sony.* Veva play is a digital marketing service that's willing to to provide help on the behalf of the unsigned talent. TURN AROUND TIME: 1-Week


Get your story heard Global article placement

195+ Guaranteed Placements Google Inclusion Yahoo Inclusion Bing Inclusion Google News Inclusion SEO Mass Ping Social Media Blast Apple News Inclusion TOP TIER NEWSWIRE Premium News Network Featured On ABC & Affiliates Featured On NBC & Affiliates Featured On CBS & Affiliates Featured On FOX & Affiliates Featured On CW & Affiliates FEATURES


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Digital Marketing Starters Package Bundle

If you are a upcoming music artist looking to gain exposure in the music industry the Veva Play Marketing Package can help you grow a organic buzz and reach different journalist to help advertise your content. This also helps with your ranking on google and attracting interviews also it helps with the process of growing a organic fan base. ''Guarantee Service''.


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