Who Are The Recent Rappers ?

Recent rappers can be referd to as new or most talked about. There are a few rappers who new fans should be on the look out for, But why so ? Is there talent that good. Rappers like King Key, Heavy Gripp LT, Hopsin, Dax, Drizzy Wright, also Joyner Lucas all are recent rappers to hit the internet.

Rappers like Heavy Gripp LT released his music video titled ”Sign For What” on platforms like You Tube and more, not to mention, did you know King Key was from Austin Texas. Further more, recent rappers like Hopsin, and Drizzy Wright were apart of the same label until they ran into some type of conflict which lead to Hopsin creating his own record label title Undercover Prodigy.

Recent Rapper List

  • Hopsin
  • Dax
  • Drizzy Wright
  • Blazer Barboza