If you are curious about what websites are the most trusted in music. You’ve come to the right website. Websites are ranked based on many factors quality is one. Trusted websites like Pitchfork, Billboards, Charts, The Fader, Veva Play , Complex and Rolling Stone are all trusted news sources in music. You may be curious as to what each site has to offer now! We will cover that below.

Trusted News in Music and What They Offer

  • Billboard Charts – Websites like the Billboards charts offers chart information about music, and magazines
  • PitchFork – Offers News and Pop culture information , Rap and Hip-hop publications
  • Veva play – is a Music Social website , that offers News about trap rap , Hip Hop, Pop and Music Charts information.
  • Complex – is known for its cool content advertising sneakers , music, news and All Cultures of music.
  • The Fader – is a Magazine but also keep up with the latest news in music