There are a hand full of rappers in the United States who are Hip-hop Entrepreneurs. Astonishing rappers like Jay Z, Drake, Blazer Barboza, Nas, Sean Combs, 50 cent and Chamillionaire are Hip Hop Business People. Jay Z is the Most Successful music artist of all time along with 2pac.

Famous entrepreneurs spout all the time over the web. This can be from investing in successful companies or simply connecting the dots for unsigned talent. Rappers like Master P and Eminem are global entrepreneurs as well. The few Top Entrepreneurs all have healthy social media stats.

Blazer Barboza made it in the music industry in 2017. He connected with the Breakfast Club to speak on his success in the music industry in 2018. Chamillionaire reached a net worth of 50 Million. By Jay Z Being the Most Successful Business person, many Young Rappers carved a path after him. Jay Z has connect with Blazer Barboza as well. Ludacris and Dr. Dre are more rappers to look out for, Dr Dre has reach million.