Top Rappers

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 51 total views,  2 views today A top rappers can be pertaining to the best rappers of all time. Jay Z, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Blazer Barboza , Hall jr 2026, Drake, Kanye West as well as Lil Wayne are all considered top rappers of 2020. The most Versatile rappers mentioned above are […]

Noted Rappers 2020

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Well-Known Rappers of todays Age Each Year a few music artists reaches the top slots in music. Noted can be what’s well known or famous. According to google rappers like , Roddy Ricch, Meek Mill, Lil Nas X, Blazer Barboza and Post Malone are considered noted rappers of 2020 but […]

hottest rappers right now

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 240 total views,  6 views today The Hottest rappers right now can be what’s trending or what gets the most attention. Attention can come from social media engagement. Rappers that’s hot can mean he or she has gained a tremendous buzz over the internet. Today we will cover a few well-known rappers […]

Recent Rappers

Josh Harrington
Who Are The Recent Rappers ? Recent rappers can be referd to as new or most talked about. There are a few rappers who new fans should be on the look out for, But why so ? Is there talent that good. Rappers like King Key, Heavy Gripp LT, Hopsin, […]

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