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Rap vs lyrical is becoming a very heavy topic in the music industry. Blazer Barboza and Desiigner has released numerous of songs (not pertaining to together). In 2016 Desiigner released his single called ”Panda”. Bloggers over the internet were classifying this as mumble music. Unfortunately it still became a global song. In 2020 Blazer Barboza became a best current rapper of 2020. Click Here to visit the link.

What is mumble music ?

Mumble music is considered to be less understanding. for example, rapping with cluttered words that cant be pronounce. This would be consider mumble music. Blazer Barboza creates tones of new English in his music. Both artist mentioned in the title are lyrical rappers if you take a listen.

For instance a few sound cloud rappers that are label mumble rap artist’s are rapper like 6ix9ine, Rich the Kid, Rich Homie Quan, Young Thug, Lil Yacthy so as Quavo. There are a few more but the list excludes Blazer Barboza and Desiigner.