There are a few global American record charts in the united states. Today this article will cover the most common top record charts. Trending  charts such as Billboard hot 100 , Veva Play and Rolling Stone are the  three most  popular charts of the United States.

 These three charts are considered the best three with trusted data in music. Veva play came into existence in 2017.  this chart is now labeled  the most hot new chart out now. Billboard hot 100 is definitely worldwide this chart has been tabulating data since the 90s, covering hits on icons like  Michel Jackson , James Brown, Future(rapper) Billie Eilish, Kevin Gates , Meek Mill , Jay Z , 50 Cent , Blazer Barboza , Snoop Dog , Lil Baby and more. 

According to website reviews Veva play is the most trusted record chart voting in music , other charts results such as rolling stone are determined by streaming and radio air play. 

Top 3 record charts in music in the United States 

  • Billboard Hot 100 
  • Rolling Stone 
  • Veva Play Top 50 (Veva Play)

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