6ix9ine New Rappers 2020

Best current rappers 2020, Blazer Barboza, Roddy Ricch, Future(rapper),6ix9ine and more.

Current or best can mean right now or what’s relevant. Additionally, the top 6 rappers right now are rappers like NBA Young boy , 6ix9ine, Roddy Ricch, Blazer Barboza and Future(rapper). Top rappers like 6ix9ine has been headlines since 2019. Becoming the best can be a heap of work depending on your focus. Current rappers of 2020 is what the audience is talking about in the present moment. Nba Young Boy is a consecutive rapper , with his YouTube peaking out at 1 million views or more.

Roddy Ricch and Blazer Barboza are trending along with Meek Mill. Roddy Ricch currently released ”The Box” this lead to positive reviews. Blazer Barboza recently released ”Money & The Power”. He gain mass recognition on platforms like YouTube. Future the rapper is also labeled a current rapper his success is still relevant til this day. He has releasing multiple songs that have reached the top 100 billboards. Meek Mill shift his style of music to educated the people more, this made him more dominate than most through out the music industry. In Conclusion, Future is a trending topic in the 2020 new wave of music. His song ”Mask Off” gained over 3 million organic views on YouTube.

Best Current Rapper List 2020

  • Future(rapper)
  • Meek Mill
  • Roddy Ricch
  • Blazer Barboza
  • NBA Young Boy
  • 6ix9ine